We are primarily statutory auditors to both private and public organisations with a view to expressing opinion on the truthfulness and fairness of the financial statements. We view independent audit as an integral part of ensuring that management is provided with reliable and accurate financial and management information through effective operation of financial controls. We discharge our professional assignments with high level integrity, confidentiality, independence and objectivity.

All audits are planned by the audit management team after a careful consideration of the clients’ business activitie such as risk, process, environment and requirements leading to a clear definition of the audit objectives.Specific audit programmes are designed to accomplish these objectives.
We ensure that the Firm’s audit programmes are constantly reviewed in line with approved Auditing and reporting Standards and Guidelines which expound best practices. In all our audit work, we employed the highest of technical and ethical standards,coupled with a high degree of technical competence and proficiency.


We do not only prepare tax computations for our clients, but also explore ways of legally minimising their tax liabilities. Our tax services include the following:
 Preparation of tax computations such CIT, EDT, PAYE,WHT, CGT,VAT etc.
 Reviewing the amount of tax provision.
 Dealing with queries raised by tax authorities on behalf of clients.
 Attending to tax officials during investigation and audit
 Advising and assisting on tax matters and remittance to appropriate authoritie.s
 Assisting in procuring income Tax Clearance (TC) for clients annually.
 Tax Compliance and Planning Services.
 Processing of acceptance certificate for fixed asset from the Federal Ministry Of Trade & Investment


Accounting is a vital function of any organisation.Accounting books and records must be sufficient to disclose with accuracy, the financial position, financial performance and changes in financial position of the company at a
particular time. The basic need of a system is that it provides for the orderly assembly of accounting information to enable the financial statement to be prepared. A functional accounting system will enhance a smooth running of an organisation’s operations. We render the following accounting services:
 IFRS training, conversion and implementation.
 Design and install accounting and internal control systems for businesses
 Provision of regular assistance and supervision in keeping proper book of accounts.
 Assisting in the implementation of new Accounting system
 Preparation and development of Accounting manual
 Advise clients on accounting matters
 Reconciliation of Bank statements
 Designing of Fixed Assets Register
 Design and revision of Chart of Accounts
 Preparation and Rendering monthly returns to regulatory bodies such CBN


We assist our clients’ business in areas of management accountancy.
These include:
 Design and installation of budget and budgetary control systems
 Designing of a Plant Register
 Design and installation of cost accounting systems
 Installation of Cost control and Reduction programmes
 Cash flow / project appraisal for management
 Cash forecast/projection
 Financial projection for purpose of obtaining loan
 Break-even analysis
 Advise on an effective and efficient management information system


We offer internal audit services in the following areas :
 Development and installation of an internal audit system
 Operational audits – for a specific set of operations (in a department)
 Functional audits – for a specific function in an organisation (procedures)
 Organisation audit – for an organisational set up (efficiency)
 Special assignments 


We conduct investigations where required, on specific or financial transactions to facilitate certain changes and to improve on existing situations. These include:

Investment decisions
These includes:
 Purchase of a business concern
 Purchase of company’s shares ( merger &
 Loan decisions
 Prospective investment
 Participation in a business – Partnership

Special Investigations
Special issues such as:
 Frauds
 Loss of profits
 Back duty cases (Inland revenue/tax
 Profitability of a specific product /factory
 Financial Due diligence
 Forensic audit and investigation


Our corporate financial advisory and recovery services is well known in the marketplace for its expetise and
experience. Key amongst the services includes :


We assist clients in managing their human capital effectively.
Our services include:
 Assisting in recruiting skilled and experienced staff for clients
 Personnel /staff audit
 Job analysis and evaluation
 Training and manpower development
 Supervision of on the job training for our clients’ staff to provide required skills
 Advising clients on human resources related matters


Our company secretarial covers the following:
 Covening meetings, attending and taking of minutes at special meetings
 Registration of companies as required by CAMA, 1990
 Custody and maintainance of Statutory books in accordance with CAMA, 1990
 Preparation and Filing of statutory returns as required by CAMA, 1990
 Effecting changes in statutory documents such as share capital, Articles of Association and Memorandum of
 Liason with the (NIPC) Nigerian Industrial Promotion Commision for Business permits
 Liason with the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs for Expatriate Quota Renewals etc.
 Liaison with inspectorate division of Ministry of Commerce and Industry for acceptance certificate.


Our consultancy services includes:
 Design or revision of management /office systems covering efficiency and effectiveness.
 Advice on organisation structure.
 Appraisal of clients operations and the review of effectiveness of its activties.
 Confidencial financial search on client’s contractors.
 Reconciliation of client’s remittance accounts.
 Revenue monitoring and accounting
 System assurance services
 Headhunting services
 Payroll outsourcing
 Vendors due diligence